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Communication, underwater. Simplified.

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From: engineers,<br />To: divers

From: engineers,
To: divers

We knew communication is the key but the problem was we are not evolved in the water.

Our research took us to nature’s best solution; light.

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Built for Efficiency

Light exists since the beginning of the time. Environmental factors are not affecting light as much as sound. And the best thing is that the effect is vice-versa!

State of the Art



Inspired by Nature

Afterall, evolution already solved many problems we have not seen yet. And yet again, designed for humans, inspired by nature.

Inspired by Nature
Team Science Crew

Team Science Crew

Our team met each other at Bahcesehir University, where we scaled our projects from capstone to military grade communications systems.

Where each person is expert in the particular field, combined with right mixture of academic research and hands-on experience.

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